In 2008 Louis Berkhout and Laurie van Reemst (two of the founders) were elected for the Faculty Student Council under the name List Bèta-Gamma, but because the founders wanted to start a party for all the FNWI students, a name was quickly changed: LIEF, List Interdisciplinary and Faculty. Nowadays, only this abbreviation is used. LIEF is the first faculty party of the FNWI, and achieved five of the twelve seats at the elections in May 2009. In the years that followed, the number of seats in the student council increased. In the current council FNWI 2019/2020, LIEF has ten seats.
Besides the group in the student council, LIEF is of course also active throughout the year. LIEF regularly organizes actions on Science Park and think tanks. Since 2009, there are traditional Valentine and Easter campaigns each year. Since 2013, LIEF is officially an association with members, although of course you do not have to be a member to think with LIEF about matters that are important to students!

Founders of LIEF

  • Lodewijk Berkhout (FSR 2008 – 2009)
  • Laurie van Reemst (FSR 2008 – 2009)
  • Niek Dubelaar
  • Marijn Pronk
  • Vincent Visser
  • Luuk