Who is LIEF?

LIEF is a student party that is only present at Science Park. Our goal is to serve in the interests of all science students within the university. LIEF is here for every student.

  • Interdisciplinarity

Studying is more than just your curriculum. According to LIEF, the university is a place where self-development should be central. We believe that every student should be able to choose how this takes place and that policy of the university should provide the flexibility to do this.

  • Accessibility

LIEF considers it important that the faculty is accessible to everyone in the broadest sense of the word. Everyone must feel welcome at our faculty and must be able to study here.

  • Decentralization

At LIEF, quality of education goes for everything. We therefore strive for decentralization in both the university and our faculty. In this way, input of students and employees who are close to practice can be addressed directly.

Meet us at our actions and tell us what’s bothering you, or what you really appreciate at Science Park!