Candidates FSR FNWI 20/21

We proudly present the candidates of LIEF for the faculty student council elections for the Faculty of Science for the academic year 20/21.

On this page you can find information on our candidates and their priorities for the coming year.

You can vote form the 8th till the 12th of June via this link.

1. Gerben Koopman

For a democratic coucil.

2. Sara dos Santos Gigante

Studying is a form of self-development. That is why I believe it to be important to create space for students to follow extracurricular courses.

3. Manish Jhinkoe-Rai

A pessimist will see difficulties in every chance. An optimist will see a chance in every difficulty.

4. Chris Rotgans

Studying is supposed to be fun

5. Robin Wacanno

Don’t complain, work on a solution

6. Jolein Rau

Only you know your own way

7. Sophie van Tilburg

For an accessible faculty

To me LIEF stands for a group of people with an open, but critical view. A group of people who want to commit to making the faculty and education more accessible, creating space for interdisciplinarity and striving for a decentral policy for widely supported solutions.

My personal priorities for this year are social safety, promotion of the student council and the faculty strategic plan (which will be made this year for the next five years).

8. Daan Rademaekers

Better education with more possibilities

9. Pieter Out

LIEF for interdisciplinarity on every level

10. Thomas Out

Together for LIEF

11. Simon Wittkamp

Vote for LIEF to fill the student council with capable people who will commit to improve our faculty.

12. Babette Mooij

13. Maureen Minnema

LIEF is here for the quality of our education, LIEF is here for you

14. Jeroen de Nobel

I believe that we as students should safeguard our right to advice the faculty board and keep fighting for a better university. That is why I support student politics. Will you let your voice be heard?

15. Max Laboyrie

Hand in hand for LIEF

16. Jasper Claessen

Take time for the quality of our education (this rhymes in Dutch)

17. Demi Kruijer

18. Jhaleesa Alberg

Knowledge is power. Look around you as much as possible. This is what I have frequently heard since I was young. Interdisciplinarity and self-development are a plus for a good university if you ask me!