Student council elections 2020

From the 8th till the 12th of June we conducted our online-only campaign with our candidates. Because of the situation regarding COVID-19, this was not possible in the usual way: in the central hall of Science Park. It was a great week with Instagram takeovers and we had made a nice (Dutch) intro movie of our candidates!

The result would be announced on June 19th, but unfortunately due to a data breach from the UvA voting website, this is not the case. You can read more about this in this (Dutch) Folia article. We may have to campaign again later this year because the voting results may not be validated. As soon as we have more information about this we will let you know!

Board 2020

Starting the 30th of January LIEF has a new board. We are downsized a little bit, but we will start with at least the same amount of enthousiasm!

Jolein Rau | Chair & Secretary

Pieter Out | Treasurer & Commissary Actions

Sophie van Tilburg | Vice Chair

Soon we will add a photo of ourselves!

As a board we are actively looking for new people for on our list for the student council. Unfortunately the deadline for handing in our list is between the 6th and 13th of april, but we have to see whether the UvA will postpone the elections, right now we don’t have any information about this. If we know more we will make sure to update it on our website!

Board 2019

After a succesful first week and a half, I woud like to introduce the new LIEF board 2019.

From left to right:

❥ Sophie van Tilburg (treasurer)
❥ Jhaleesa Alberg (vice-chairman/activities commissioner)
❥ Simon Wittkamp (chairman)
❥ Max Laboyrie (secretary)

We are looking forward to the coming year and are excited to work with all of our members!

Search for a new board!

LIEF is looking for a new board!

Would you like to spend a year on interesting actions, gathering the opinions of students and organizing discussions? Take your chance!

As the board of LIEF you are responsible for the student council elections in May and the compilation of the list of candidates in addition to the well-known playful actions at the Science Park.

Together with a group of motivated candidates and other enthusiastic students you work towards the elections.
Does it sound good to you to play a more active role in student politics? Or do you want more information?

Send us an email to!

Input for the canteen

Expensive meals? Too few options? Not enough sustainable options? Simply not to your taste? Or just totally amazing? In short, do you think the canteen is LIEF ?!

Today LIEF is in the central hall. Come along, give input on what kind of food you want to see and get a nice hummus sandwich!

Get a drink with LIEF!

Next week, it’s finally time for this LIEF board to come in contact with LIEF members and other students for the first time while enjoying a drink. Come next Monday, October 16th at 17:00 to the Brainwave. Everyone who wants to chat or get a drink with LIEF is welcome. So take your friends or classmates with you to get a (free) drink!

LIEF for student politics

LIEF is back in the hall today: we are introducing the students to student politics. Do you want to know more about LIEF, the student council, or do you have any other questions? Come by!

Open meeting: profiling

Dear All,

After the removal of KiesMEI last year, it became clear that Science Park needed space for new parties. STOUT and SLAAFS were introduced this year, which made the political climate somewhat more democratic. As we stated at our general assembly, we would like to give LIEF more direction. By profiling LIEF more strongly, we create space for other parties, so that faculty student politics can become more diverse.
During this open meeting, we want to discuss what LIEF is and what LIEF stands for, so as a party to take a stronger direction. Come all on June 22 at 17:00 in B0.209 and think with us !! We will take care of some beer and snacks!

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Opening
  2. Announcements
  3. Setting the agenda
  4. Introduction circle: what does LIEF mean to you?
  5. Current political climate
  6. Profiling using pillars
  7. What now?
  8. AOB
  9. Table round
  10. Closure

Board 2017 ♥

Summer action: More English in the bachelors?

Today we are in the central hall to gather input about the possibilities for more English language in our education. Tell your requirements in exchange for popsicles! Express your opinion and come look in the central hall. Also if you want to know more about the state of affairs about the use of English in bachelors, you are more than welcome!

Election results

The results of the elections have been announced! At the Faculty of Science, 23.3% of the students voted. LIEF has won 9 seats! We would like to congratulate all the candidates with their place in the faculty student council and wish them a lot of success during their council year! These amazing students will represent us in the board in the coming year:

NB: The full election results can be viewed here.

Femke Mostert

Femke Mostert

Annelene Schulze

Annelene Schulze

Tijn de Vos

Tijn de Vos

Kjeld Oostra

Kjeld Oostra

Veerle Groot

Veerle Groot

Pieter van Niel

Pieter van Niel

Roan de Jong

Roan de Jong

Willemien Zuilhof

Willemien Zuilhof

Babette Mooij

Babette Mooij

Election day 1: Facilities and sustainability

The elections are officially started! LIEF is all set for today with an action for sustainability with a homemade Holle Bolle Gijs! Will you BEE there?!?

Leaders debate

To celebrate the fact that the elections have begun again, the student council organizes a leaders debate. During the debate, the top candidates of Student Party LIEF (Femke Mostert), Stout (Fokel Ellen), and Slaafs (Parcival Maissan) will face each other in a debate on topics relevant to our faculty. Come to the central hall at 12:00 this afternoon!

Presentation party program

The LIEF candidates for the 2017 student council elections will present their own election program! Curious about what they would like to do in their council year? Do you want to know what the LIEF candidates want to do during the campaign? Come May 9th in A1.04, take all your friends and enjoy a beer or some potato chips!


Easter action

Have you found some rotten eggs during your easter egg hunt? Share your ‘rotten egg’ experiences about the faculty of science with LIEF! Write down what you (do not) like about studying at Science Park and get an easter egg!

Change of board

With the trees in bloom at our beautiful Science Park, spring is in full swing. That means for the student party LIEF that the time has come for a new board of directors to devote themselves to the beta students of the University of Amsterdam for a year! That’s why we hope to see you all tonight at 19:00 in Room A1.04 at Science Park!

The following candidate board for 2017 will present itself to you:

  • Demi Kruijer – Chairman
  • Renske Grupstra – Vice Chairman
  • Babette Mooij – Secretary
  • Femke Mostert – Treasurer
  • Tisja Korthals Altes – Commissioner Activities