List 2021

We proudly present the candidates of LIEF for the faculty student council elections for the Faculty of Science for the academic year 21/22.

On this page you can find information on our candidates and their priorities for the coming year.

You can vote form the 31th of May till the 4th of June.

1. Anniek Verstegen

Ensuring high-quality customisation together within our faculty

Hello everyone, I am Anniek Verstegen, master student chemistry (Analytical Sciences track) with a big passion for education. In terms of training, I have walked a long, deviating path via Inholland University of Applied Sciences. During my hbo chemistry, I was an active member of the programme committee for 3 years and tried my best to represent the interests of fellow students. Via the faculty student council, it seems interesting to me to be on the more general side of education and to work together on this with other students. At LIEF we stand for interdisciplinarity, accessibility and decentralisation. I can fully agree with this. Self-development is something I have been working on for years and in my opinion, all students should be able to walk their own paths, every step counts! Additionally, all students should be able to feel at home regardless of their background. I hope we can all ensure that our education is of the highest quality. Next study year, I would like to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the teaching evaluations (the frequency of these and the way in which they are taken), physical and mental health, disabilities and finally diversity and inclusion. I think it’s very important that we can openly discuss these topics and therefore hopefully be able to break the stigma and stereotypes that prevail around this.

2. Jessica Bakker

Fighting together for a Science Park where everyone feels at home

Hi, my name is Jessica Bakker and I am in the third year of  bachelor mathematics. I am currently doing the minor education and in my spare time I do and teach gymnastics and play American Football. I would like to represent LIEF in the council, because I also stand for decentralization, interdisciplinarity and accessibility. In particular, I think it is important that everyone feels at home at the faculty. Next year I want to commit to creating a more diverse faculty community, where there is more contact between students from different studies.

3. Robin Wacanno

Improvement doesn’t come about with complaining alone, but requires looking for solutions

Hi, I’m Robin, a student at the bachelor’s programme of Computer Science. In the past 3 years, I’ve been active in various student participation bodies at our university; 2 years as a member of the programme committee, and this year as a member of the faculty student council. During this time, I’ve experienced the importance of taking into account the interests of students when deciding about matters involving education or facilities at the faculty.

This year I’ve been active in the faculty student council on the board as secretary, and I’ve been involved with education related matters at the faculty. I’ve really enjoyed thinking about and working on ways to improve the studying experience at the Faculty of Science, and with your support I’d like to continue this work next academic year.

4. Manish Jhinkoe-Rai

A guaranteed critical attitude

There is one thing that I have learned in the past year, which is that we must always keep a critical eye on what we want to achieve. In addition, I have noticed that good contact with the university is important. That is why it is of the utmost importance that we reflect the human measure everywhere in our university. That already starts with personal contact and keeping (online) walk-in hours. For the coming year I promise to take a critical attitude at all times to improve the policy within the university. My goal for the coming year is to make the university of tomorrow a little better every day.

5. Jasmijn Hoevers

More information follows soon!

6. Noa Kluiters

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by a second time?

Lieve Lieverds that vote for LIEF. I am Noa Kluiters and I study Biomedical sciences at the faculty of Science. Even after a year of online classes because of Covid-19, I feel quite at home when I’m at Science Park. It’s important that you feel safe and at home while studying on location. That’s also necessary because you’ll be studying here for a while. Even though I already like the vibes, there are always opportunities for improvement and I want to take care of that. Communication is key, which is a great motto in life. It also works for your study. It is important that students can communicate about everything with professors while being taken seriously. I would like a happy, colourful, diverse Science park.

7. Margot Brinkhof

8. Daan Rademaekers

Better education with more possibilities

9. Simon Wittkamp

Vote for LIEF to fill the student council with capable people who will commit to improve our faculty.

10. Jolein Rau

Only you know your own way

11. Sara dos Santos Gigante

Studying is a form of self-development. That is why I believe it to be important to create space for students to follow extracurricular courses.

12. Chris Rotgans

Studying is supposed to be fun

13. Maxim van der Berg

The pleasure of studying should be accessible for everybody.

14. Sam van Kampen

“[…] einen Moment innehalten, schweigen, nachdenken, Pause machen.”

Angela Merkel

15. Babette Mooij

16. Demi Kruijer

17. Pieter Out

Together for LIEF

18. Sophie van Tilburg

For an accessible faculty

19. Gerben Koopman

For a democratic council.