Dear All,

After the removal of KiesMEI last year, it became clear that Science Park needed space for new parties. STOUT and SLAAFS were introduced this year, which made the political climate somewhat more democratic. As we stated at our general assembly, we would like to give LIEF more direction. By profiling LIEF more strongly, we create space for other parties, so that faculty student politics can become more diverse.
During this open meeting, we want to discuss what LIEF is and what LIEF stands for, so as a party to take a stronger direction. Come all on June 22 at 17:00 in B0.209 and think with us !! We will take care of some beer and snacks!

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Opening
  2. Announcements
  3. Setting the agenda
  4. Introduction circle: what does LIEF mean to you?
  5. Current political climate
  6. Profiling using pillars
  7. What now?
  8. AOB
  9. Table round
  10. Closure

Board 2017 ♥