Elections 2021

From the 31st of May through June 4th, all students of the Faculty of Science can vote for the Faculty Student Council. On this page, you can find all the information about LIEF’s people and ideas for the comming council year.

Our people

For this years elections, LIEF has again assembled a list with enthousiastic candidates. Do you want to see who they are, visit this page.

Our plans

More adaptive education

We oppose attendance requirements, and we want to offer students flexibility when it comes to grouping of seminars or labs. We want to make sure the bar to following elective courses is as low as possible; high grades shouldn’t be a requirement. Students taking resits should receive support if they need it.

Bolstering diversity

Diversity has a positive effect on the whole faculty. We will continue to support initiatives that contribute positively to improving diversity at Science Park, and it is reflected in our candidates.

From assessment to improvement

New forms of assessment provide opportunities for improvement during courses. And after assessments, transparent feedback is essential. Aside from courses, UvA-Q itself deserves to be evaluated as well.

Eye for mental health

More cognizance of workload is important—prevention is better than cure. Students deserve student psychologists at their own faculty. And aside from that we strive for shorter waitlists.

Do you want to know more about our ideas? Read out full programme on this page.