Elections 2022

From the 16th through the 20th of May, all students of the Faculty of Science can vote for the Faculty Student Council. On this page, you can find all the information about LIEF’s people and ideas for the coming council year.

Our people

For this years elections, LIEF has again assembled a list with enthousiastic candidates.

Our plans


We oppose attendance requirements, and we want to offer students flexibility when it comes to grouping of seminars The council is currently fighting for mandatory lecture recordings, and we intend to continue this fight. Additionally, we want to make honours courses more accessible; motivation is more important than grades. Furthermore, we want to reduce required coursework near resits.


We want to better support students when preparing for resits – students are too often on their own in this. In fact, we want to push for more preparatory material for exams in general. Additionally, we want more investment in student wellbeing, especially mental wellbeing.

Clarity and transparency

We want timely communication concerning grades, deadlines, schedules and course programmes. Matters such as joint degrees and extracurricular courses at the VU should be harmonious and without unnecessary hurdles. Additionally, we will closely monitor the development of the successor to the A-to-Z list.


Everyone should feel at home at our faculty, and this should be achieved with the necessary amount of support. More specifically, we want to offer help to international students.